About The Farmer


We live in the midst of a war of ideas. I have the power to influence this struggle.
Here, near, close to me. So do you.

I believe language is the highest technology, followed closely by music. Many of my peers believe the Internet is the most powerful technology Man has ever seen. But even the most powerful technologies are just tools. What will we use them for?

I sacrificed five years of youth to gain an education in "Computer Science", only to make a distrubing discovery: most of my peers and I hadn't the slightest clue what to do with the knowledge. We had chosen to study the discipline purely as a path to assumedly well-paid and secure careers advancing or supporting our networked and computation-centric world... with no idea how that would benefit the world beyond ourselves, and worse, with little motivation to find out. (That, or they had stumbled into it w/ a misplaced desire to produce video games. Science is such a misunderstood term.) As for myself, I had become interested in experimental computer music, and had thought a background in programming and algorithms would prepare me for musical innovation. I found, to both my dismay and edification, that much of the joy of music-making comes from collaborating with other musicians on physical instruments--it is neither an abstract nor solitary practice.

However, the time and effort were not wasted. I gained an interest and skill background in Linux (and all the philosophical and cultural baggage that accompanies Linux) and Internet technologies. This background enabled me to work a couple of jobs that gave me an insiders' perspective on the modern, techno-centric approach to entrepreneurship, for better and for worse. I emerged from these experiences disenchanted with the modern emphasis placed on computer and Internet technologies. So I sought employment in a (reputably) low-skill physical labor role, only to discover that this work environment had also been transformed by computer technology. And then I understood: We chose this. For better and worse.

I've emerged from this journey (at least slightly) wiser. I embrace my experiences and communicational and technological skillsets in order to help local artists and local businesses not only survive but thrive in a changing world.

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